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Jacob F. Desvarieux - Anthology Pt. 3 (endless flight)
Jacob F. Desvarieux - Anthology Pt. 3
Jacob F. Desvarieux - Anthology Pt. 3
Jacob F. Desvarieux - Anthology Pt. 3
12" Germany
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Anthology Pt. 3

Jacob F. Desvarieux (endless flight)

VÖ-Datum: 01.09.2017

Musikstil: Funk

Artikelnummer: 1952884 / ENDLESS082

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the third and final part of the jacob f. desvarieux anthology on endless flight brings two more hot productions of the fabled french zouk veteran with roots in guadeloupe. ~~~~the tune “rifyx” is taken from desvarieux’s 1985 album “oh madiana” and delivers arresting jazz-funk and zouk-suspense enlarged with touching horns, synth-enthusiasm and longing female vocals. ~~~~the second song comes from the paris based, west cameroon born singer tala, produced by desvarieux for tala’s album “mother africa” in 1982. also here desvarieux tuned the synthesizers odd and edgy to let them dance with an afro styled rhythm. ~~~~above all tala sings sexy with a chorus of girls while percussions go crazy and the sounds of horns are longing for the sky. ~~~~on top of everything endless flight asked again the japanese producer kuniyuik to edit a desvarieux track. he chose “rifyx” and tuned it into an epic soulful eight minutes long dream house anthem that funks all dancers crazy. hotter than hot stuff here!

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