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Iggy Pop - Shot Myself (Black Vinyl LP +7") (Easy Action)
Iggy Pop - Shot Myself (Black Vinyl LP +7")
Iggy Pop - Shot Myself (Black Vinyl LP +7")
Iggy Pop - Shot Myself (Black Vinyl LP +7")
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Shot Myself (Black Vinyl LP +7")

Iggy Pop (Easy Action)

VÖ-Datum: 03.03.2017

Musikstil: Rock

Artikelnummer: 1946351 / 082322

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Remastered green vinyl LP plus 7". Limited to 500 Recorded at Mantra Studios Chicago March 1977 these are recordings of Iggy, David Bowie and the band half way through a US tour.~~~~After recording the seminal comeback album The Idiot with Bowie the pair duo set out on tour together, Bowie preferring to be merely keyboard player than to tour his own "Low" album at the time.~~~~A Chicago radio station recorded this radio session in between shows. The set is a mixture of old Stooges numbers and tracks from The Idiot plus an as then unreleased track called Turn Blue which would eventually end up on the next album Lust for Life.~~~~There are a couple of radio broadcast quality live shows from this tour but this is the ONLY NON LIVE session outside of the two albums from 1977 making it a rarity!

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