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Holger Czukay - La Premiere (Mudd Reworks (claremont 56)
Holger Czukay - La Premiere (Mudd Reworks
Holger Czukay - La Premiere (Mudd Reworks
Holger Czukay - La Premiere (Mudd Reworks
12" Belgium
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La Premiere (Mudd Reworks

Holger Czukay (claremont 56)

VÖ-Datum: 14.05.2012

Musikstil: Downbeat

Artikelnummer: 1779736 / C56039

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The non vocal parts of the band Mountaineer have decamped for this
spectacular Deutsche-Bomb with two tracks that lay bare Fürsattl’s love
for a vintage German sound. “Rheinlust” kicks off with a gentle, metronomic
melody, a hefty kick and pulsing bass, and so it goes in that subtle hypnotic
groove, gently introducing synths and washes of sound until you feel like
you’re on a German ringroad in a Delorean.
On the flip the influences show again, with a nod towards Can, “Links Der
Pegnitz” has a genius off kilter jazzy vibe with a hefty bass, genius guitar
flecks and killer percussion. There is the edge of Mountaineer here with the
delicacy of sounds, but the throbbing undercurrent sets these two tracks
A brilliant 12” for anyone with an ear for classic Krautrock sounds.

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