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Harry Light - Northern Lights (3x12'' Gatefold) (robot ranch records)
Harry Light - Northern Lights (3x12'' Gatefold)
Harry Light - Northern Lights (3x12'' Gatefold)
Harry Light - Northern Lights (3x12'' Gatefold)
3 x LP Germany
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Northern Lights (3x12'' Gatefold)

Harry Light (robot ranch records)

VÖ-Datum: 08.12.2017

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1954206 / DADRRR010LP01

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The debut album from fast-rising Moscow-based producer Harry Light will celebrate Robot Ranch's 10th release and anniversary, with the range of atmospheric out of space audio structures and analogue deep house/techno flavors there's a lot of things to discover inside. "Coaster" delivers stripped back deep techno grooves while "Trainspotting" explores the functional delights of minimalistic sound. "Chapter I" draw the dub techno dancing realms and "Nights Before" finishing the first vinyl with deep atmospheric vibes. Unpacking second vinyl you'll find "Dilemma" - more dark but very functional dancefloor heater with deeper roller "Friday Night Affair" on the same side. The LP headliner "Northern Lights" brings in with the raw techno palette heavily influenced by its garage sub bass. Acid-house dancefloor tool and secret weapon "Right Moment" unleash the vinyl number two. Happily, there is much to find and listen on the third vinyl. "UK Rain" delivers dusty, sample-heavy deep house groover with touch of garage hooks, while "Strong IV" holds the melody and dubby chords in more classical way filling the mood with beauty and immersed in thought. "Amayak" drives you fastly into jacking-house dancefloor groover which will leave you there without hope for salvation. The last but not least "Headswing" gets you into the hypnotic voodoo thrill or maybe as an act: you discover yourself in center of PBar dancefloor diving into the depth.

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