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Gronmo Edits - Vol. 1 (Gronmo Edits)
Gronmo Edits - Vol. 1
Gronmo Edits - Vol. 1
Gronmo Edits - Vol. 1
12" U.K.
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Vol. 1

Gronmo Edits (Gronmo Edits)

VÖ-Datum: 12.01.2018

Musikstil: Disco / Cosmic

Artikelnummer: 1955698 / GE0001

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In the spirit of cultural pride, Rune Lindbaek provides the audio tour guide into the unexplored back streets of Norwegian Disco~~~~His deep knowledge of Disco delicacies from the frozen north may be a revelation to those who've heard his more mediterranean outings,~~however here we have an extended EP on untapped treats, leading with three hefty slabs of late seventies, matured Brunost on the A &~~moving into more obscure territory on the flip, where the sought after I Dekning is followed by two more idiosyncratic jams, which possess the dancefloor heft of a well roasted reindeer shank~~~~SUPER LIMITED ! .

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