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G.r.i.t - Drifting From The Bay (Meanwhile)
G.r.i.t - Drifting From The Bay
G.r.i.t - Drifting From The Bay
G.r.i.t - Drifting From The Bay
12" U.K.
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Drifting From The Bay

G.r.i.t (Meanwhile)

VÖ-Datum: 30.08.2017

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1951748 / MEAN026


Gary Brackley AKA G.r.i.t returns to meanwhile Afor his second full length vinyl release following on from 2012's Ahighly regarded and Asought after " As i look to to the Sky...". The seven new tracks presented here Acould easily be described as a great dub techno album by the lazy hack but the sound palette used goes way beyond that, Afusing elements from detroit, drone, industrial, and ambient techno which when coupled with his production techniques result Ain a sound that is uniquely G.r.i.t ATake opening title track "Difting from the bay" which draws on the sounds of detroit with emotive chords and delicate percussion, or " Principle" with deep distorted Amodulations. If you want a Adance floor cut Alook no futher that " Expansed" Awhich grooves with driving chords, and Asubtle persussive builds, Aor for Asomething heavier there is "Pheonix" Awhich would sound quite at home in any techno main room. Tracks such "Piagga" and "Dead faces.." balance heavy industrial beats and noises with meloncholy chords and pads to produce tracks of immense depth and feeling. And closing the album perfectly is "Immersion" with mournful AAmbient works-esq Achords and melodies, in which you will indeed find yourself drifting from the bay.....

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