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Gera Taraman - Claws Sharp (Propaganda Records)
Gera Taraman - Claws Sharp
Gera Taraman - Claws Sharp
Gera Taraman - Claws Sharp
12" Germany
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Claws Sharp

Gera Taraman (Propaganda Records)

VÖ-Datum: 05.06.2017

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1949578 / PR007

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Gera Taraman is a Ukrainian producer and designer who elegantly combines ultramodern sound design with burning grooves. Raised in a family of music teachers, he chose another musical path with the help of the Autechre, Eno and Ricardo Villalobos records which determined the direction of his tech house and techno experiments. His absolutely beautiful analog recordings have a jazzy touch, excellent development of ideas, never ending melodies and chord progressions etc. >Claws Sharp< and >Purpur< were produced in the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian mountains - at the very heart of nature results in an unconventionalmusicality that we miss in dance music these days. As for remixes, we have chosen the brilliant Bruno Pronsato and Fumiya Tanaka to skillfully remix Gera s production. As a result, this synergy brings you four diverse, intelligent, philharmonic and minimalistic tracks.~~~~

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