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Frankyeffe - Trenta Part 3 (Riot Recordings)
Frankyeffe - Trenta Part 3
Frankyeffe - Trenta Part 3
Frankyeffe - Trenta Part 3
12" Germany
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Trenta Part 3

Frankyeffe (Riot Recordings)

VÖ-Datum: 26.01.2016

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1935457 / RIOTLP01.3

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WHEN I WAS A CHILD leading the way to the other tracks. Comes out of the context with a set of strings and melodies and a broken rhythmic announcing something that is going to happen, like reminiscent of a past, report when a very young Frankyeffe decided that his artistic direction was about electronic music.~~~~ECLYPSE MENTAL broken beat, dark and introspective linked to a protest title against the lack of empowerment of some peoples to evolve.~~~~~~INTO RIPPLED STREAM is a total innovation for Frankyeffe: his first vocal track. The artist confesses that this was a dream, putting words on his track. The final product is a song that goes straight to the listener stomach, arouses deep emotions, like just as deep and heavy sounds and the composition of this piece and the beautiful voice of Phil that give an extra touch.~~~~1985 fully reflects the background' meaning. Lightning energy, a shocking kick. A track where there is a past, present but also the future of Frankyeffe. You can not sit still while listening.~~~~~~~~~~"Many people ask me what 30' means to me as it's just a simple number.30 is my current age, and age is nothing but a way to measure time that has gone.30 is the name of my first album, where I tried to involve in just one work all of my background and all of the efforts I made through the years. It's a goal achieved, an artistic and personal consciousness that I'd like to share as much as I can with you guys.I wanted to call it this way because I had the need to prove points, involving emotions and feelings, knowing that emotions and feelings are hard to contain. In these 18 tracks there's everything I've been, 'till this moment and everything that I want to be from now on.It's an emotional path full of colors,the perfect painting to make you understand my interpretation of music.~~Inside the album you will find linear tracks and techno killer,in the same time tracks more downtempo and introspective. To each of them I wanted to give the most intimate

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