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Fostercare - Altered Creature (robot elephant)
Fostercare - Altered Creature
Fostercare - Altered Creature
Fostercare - Altered Creature
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Altered Creature

Fostercare (robot elephant)

VÖ-Datum: 20.06.2012

Musikstil: Electro Pop

Artikelnummer: 1768139 / RER015LP

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After successful releases on Robot Elephant, Disaro and Clan Destine, as well as a litany of digital self-releases and remixes, Minneapolis producer Fostercare releases a bold new album entitled ‘Altered Creature’. For ‘Altered Creature’, Fostercare worked 12-16 hours a day, endeavouring to create emotional electronic music that combines elements of techno, trance, rave and their many sub-genres. With heavy visual influences from the hyperrealist world of advertising, pornography, violence, virtual environments, post humanism and fetish societie, Fostercare has shaped a strange world behind his strain of electronic music. Driven by arpeggiated sequences, breakbeats and apocalyptic sentiments, Fostercare is music for the simulacrum - a peeling away of future underworlds, neon pulses, alternate screens, genetic maps and urban sprawl. Skating between many genres, his music is connected by its emotional intensity and third-eye hyperactive visions. His credentials as a producer extend back to 2008, where he earned praise for exploring a darker, syrupy, warped-808-inspired sound teemed with surreal visuals. Inspired by Deleuzian and Zizekian trajectories of thought, Fostercare makes music that’s impossible to pigeonhole. Never is this more accurate than with ‘Altered Creature’. “Although he's seen as an operator on the Witch House movement, Fostercare's music moves beyond those limitations" - The Quietus … “All the usual Witch House baggage doesn’t obscure the inventive sounds coming from Fostercare” – NME.

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