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Federico Amoroso - Skarn (Remixes Part 2) (Skarn Division)
Federico Amoroso - Skarn (Remixes Part 2)
Federico Amoroso - Skarn (Remixes Part 2)
Federico Amoroso - Skarn (Remixes Part 2)
12" Germany Excl.
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Skarn (Remixes Part 2)

Federico Amoroso (Skarn Division)

VÖ-Datum: 07.07.2017

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1950065 / DADSKARN002

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Hot on the heels of Skarn Division's successful launch in December of 2016 and its inaugural, well-received four-tracker Skarn which featured an original track and 3 remixes from Positive Centre, Plukkk and Yuuki Sakai, Italy-based label founder and author of the original work Federico Amoroso has made an indisputably wise decision and commissioned 5 more remixes to be produced by the stellar representatives of high quality techno discipline. Needless to say, when you bring together the heavy-hitting and well-established Takaaki Itoh, Stingrays, Lucindo and Paul Birken who have it for a principle to bar no holds when it comes to production, you can expect a rather strong output, but even DJ Surgeles, who is normally known for contemplative, leisurely-paced deep space vibes has turned quite mean and put forth a kind of stomper that has the potential to wreck some serious havoc on the dancefloor full of action-ready technoheads.~~~~Takaaki Itoh dives into the past days of his production and starts off the affair with a 135 BPM rework - thudding, deeply-rooted kicks that hit 5 times per 4 bars, panning arrays of short, speeding bell stabs, sandy and metallic bars at 16/16, chirping waves of acid and atonal pads that finish every 4 bars with singular drips and drops of synthesized substance being poured into a glass of amassing colorful fluid. DJ Surgeles raises the tempo 2 BPM points up and unleashes hefty, widely reverberated, syncopated kicks, washes of soft noise, two layers of panning 16/16 bands, open, but terse 4/4 hats, dry claps that run in pairs, series of distressing alarming bleeping signals that come in multiple layers and shapes, and a subtly gating, cold cosmic ambiance that occupies the background and adds an ingeniously sinister touch to the piece. While Lucindo's moody remix is paced at 134 BPM, its rapid, closely-running kicks that unevenly hit 8 times per 4 bars can give a sense of much higher tempo, whose subjective perception is increased even...

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