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feadz & kito - Electric Empire (ed banger)
feadz & kito - Electric Empire
feadz & kito - Electric Empire
feadz & kito - Electric Empire
12" France
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Electric Empire

feadz & kito (ed banger)

Release date: 04.04.2012

Music Style: Electro / Electronic

Article No.: 1767438 / BEC5161186

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Feadz and Kito met in 2008 at a music festival in Australia and bonded instantly over their passion for music and music production. The pair kept in contact over the years and met up a number of times when they found themselves in the same city. In 2011 Feadz invited Kito to visit him in Paris to work on some music. After a week in the studio an exciting new project was born; a project that celebrates their mutual love for techno music.

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