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FAZE ACTION - Freak For Your Love (faze action)
FAZE ACTION - Freak For Your Love
FAZE ACTION - Freak For Your Love
FAZE ACTION - Freak For Your Love
12" U.K.
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Freak For Your Love

FAZE ACTION (faze action)

Release date: 22.05.2012

Music Style: Deep House

Article No.: 1784388 / FAR018

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Faze Action have never been comfortable with the nu disco tag, and in an age where it's dominated by digitally designed and somewhat pedestrian in its tempo the Lee brothers return with a dynamic live sound that sets them apart. "Freak for Your Love" is the lead track from their forthcoming album Information Overload and straddles a sick dubbed out punk funk groove that brings to mind the sort of incessantly sweat inducing music DFA was releasing in the label's first few years. A pleasant new direction for Faze Action is explored further on the accompanying "New Wave Disco Dub Mix" that delves further into the realm of echo and delay over that strident groove. The mysterious ST holds court on the flip with two rerubs that switch the emphasis up towards a throwback bumping 90s house flex without loosing the original's charm.

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