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Electric Guest - Mondo (because)
Electric Guest - Mondo
Electric Guest - Mondo
Electric Guest - Mondo
LP Frankreich
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Electric Guest (because)

VÖ-Datum: 25.04.2012

Musikstil: Pop

Artikelnummer: 1767937 / BEC5161199

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Electric Guest is a Los Angeles based rock band formed in 2010. Their music is a melding of R&B, funk, pop, and classic rock. With meditative lyrics, catchy choruses, and dance inspiring rhythms the band brings a feel-good experience direct to the eardrums. As to the name of the band, singer-songwriter Asa Taccone explains, “When I got kicked out of high school, I started hanging out at a Dunkin Donuts. An older woman who worked there was a weirdo like me, into a lot of new-agey, metaphysical shit and before I left she told me to always remember that I was an electric guest of the universe. For some reason it stuck with me.” Like the titular origin, the band and their music is a collection of people and memories Asa has picked up along the way of his long, circuitous journey towards completion of the band’s first album, “Mondo.” This nomadic quality is felt in their songs that take surprising, symphonic twists and turns that are never jarring as Asa’s rich, R&B-style vocals guide you smoothly, dreamily through their unique chord and movement changes (most notably seen on their first, nearly 9 minute single “Troubleman"). Electric Guest is comprised of Asa Taccone, from Berkeley, California and Cornbread (unfortunately,legally Matthew Compton), from Danville, Virginia. When they play live, they pick up three friends to fill out the complex instrumentation: Asa plays several instruments, Cornbread nearly a dozen (to be fair, that includes the triangle and tambourine). They both began making music at a very young age. Cornbread began on the drums, recalling life at 13, “I wanted to learn every metal album that I owned: Metallica, Metal Church, Testament. I eventually started taking lessons from this guy that worked in the lumber department of Lowes.” He quickly became adept on the drums and in high school began touring with various bands. This continued all the way through college, taking him around the country until he got tired of his dirty gypsy lifestyle as a tour

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