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dosem - atica (joey beltram, dj pierre mixes) (halo cyan)
dosem - atica (joey beltram, dj pierre mixes)
dosem - atica (joey beltram, dj pierre mixes)
dosem - atica (joey beltram, dj pierre mixes)
12" U.K.
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atica (joey beltram, dj pierre mixes)

dosem (halo cyan)

VÖ-Datum: 22.11.2013

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1835259 / phc019

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Catalonian producer Dosem's breakout anthem 'Atica' continues to gain traction as one of the standout dance tracks of 2013. Deemed a 'Summer bomb' by Beatport, this huge single packs an irresistible beat with a psychedelic tint that borders on the transcendent. It's no wonder that Halocyan has enlisted two of electronic music's leading lights to remix the track and cement its place in techno history.~~~~First at bat is Joey Beltram--the man behind legendary rave classic 'Energy Flash', among many other unforgettable cuts on labels such as R&S, Trax, and Tresor. Here Beltram offers a full tilt, peak time show stopper touching on the outright delirium of modern-day EDM music, but tempered with the sage restraint of a visionary veteran. Make no mistake - Beltram's 'Atica' is a nuclear weapon. DJ Pierre, founding member of Phuture (Trax, Strictly Rhythm) and innovator of Acid music, steps in on side B to cool out the proceedings with a slow burning mix in his signature 'Wildpitch' style. Building tension through a series of builds and releases, this version employs outrageous crowd noise to achieve an atmosphere of absolutely frenzied excitement. ~~~~This extremely limited 12' will be pressed on high-quality 180 gram vinyl.

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