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Domy - I Made A Groove (catwash records)
Domy - I Made A Groove
Domy - I Made A Groove
Domy - I Made A Groove
12" France
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I Made A Groove

Domy (catwash records)

VÖ-Datum: 15.05.2012

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1779527 / CWR027

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Catwash Records proudly welcomes italian underground new talent Domy and gives him the chance to release a massive EP resulting in a deep but techno, soulfull and sophisticated piece of modern dance music.~~~~Opening ‘I made a groove’ directly gets its audience into what is important on a record : the dancefloor. Boucing on a solid groove, synth-driven leads and powerfull vocals, this tune is ready to electrify your summer from Sonar to Ibiza’s september closings or even later… Then, forward thinking B1 ‘Hold on’ perfectly embodies this new wave of refined sound that appeared two years ago in what we call house music : under-k-influence female voice, serious bass and Roland©-based rythm kit delivering a subtle underground shining tune. Completing the vinyl edition, B2 ‘Werk my body’ shares the same idea but in a different colour, turning into a dark and massive techno flavoured deep house track. Finally, digital-only ‘Give me a try’ endtroduces this EP with a light but strong and oniric but serious dive into Domy’s deepest electronic roots, handing out an hypnotic but shaking techouse piece.~~~~For decades, Italian producers have always been around with French and Americans when the topic was about making beats to make people dance. In all those countries, past two years have revealed a bunch of new talents and Domy is seen as part of this italian new wave. Not bounded to follow any genre, his young career on the electronic scene not necessarily needs to blush regarding to his discography in progress on some of the finest underground labels around. Developping his feeling between house and techno, consider Domy as a producer to keep an eye on, or you’ll might miss some incendiary and mind-blowing tunes in the future.~~~~Established by DJ W!LD in 2005, Catwash Records has since welcomed on board a host of global talent including Sammy Dee, Chris Carrier, Shaun Reeves, Boris Werner, William Kouam Djoko, Lula Circus, Gauthier DM or Gulivert and knows since the very be

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i made a groove

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hold on

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werk my body

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