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DKMD - On The Other Side (fur trade)
DKMD - On The Other Side
DKMD - On The Other Side
DKMD - On The Other Side
12" Germany
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On The Other Side

DKMD (fur trade)

VÖ-Datum: 25.05.2012

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1784495 / FURV0096

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Inspired by classic Disco and Electro, DKMD have already
produced several Dance music tracks, using old and new
technology in order to come up with a unique sound which
pays homage to their predecessors without sounding
pastiche. Echoes of Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer
can be felt throughout "On the Other Side", while the
playful and sensual "Taxi Cab" recounts the familiar story
of an early morning phone call received by a girl in a cab,
on her way home from a pleasurable night out. Perhaps it
is their experience playing together as improvisers that
adds a special touch to their Dance music, as they have
grown accustomed to perform almost every element in
their tracks using hardware intruments and effect boxes. In
addition to their Disco project, the two have a considerable
track record as experimentalists, and the dark, cosmic and
mysterious "Androide" is a good example of some of their
output in the genre. Even though DKMD are only at the
beginning of their dancefloor adventures, they show no
signs of stopping, and when asked what comes next, they
will likely answer, The night is young...

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