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Débruit - From The Horizon GOLD VINYL (13 tracks (civil music)
Débruit - From The Horizon GOLD VINYL (13 tracks
Débruit - From The Horizon GOLD VINYL (13 tracks
Débruit - From The Horizon GOLD VINYL (13 tracks
2 x 12" U.K.
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From The Horizon GOLD VINYL (13 tracks

Débruit (civil music)

VÖ-Datum: 01.08.2012

Musikstil: Headz

Artikelnummer: 1784799 / CIV035

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From the Horizon' is Débruit's debut album. It is the culmination of 3 years work, collecting field recordings, delving into restricted archives, sampling lost African VHS and reinterpreting discovered African melodies and rhythms, for synths and drum machines. This is a remarkable record, filled with groundbreaking combinations of style and sound, constructed with passion and energy, driven by adventure and ideological principle and packed with intrigue, authenticity and tribute. Perhaps even more importantly this record is fun, and never does its depth displace its energy, groove or feel. Inspired by Western African music past and present Débruit splices the musical roots and subsequent evolutionary patterns of Benin, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and beyond. He set out to harness the creativity and rawness of the music, from tribal beginnings through to 70's highlife and psychedelic afro funk. Despite the clear inspiration, his challenge was not to emulate but to incorporate, to fuse the musical expressions of the many different cultures and eras with those of his own, to create something new and unheard.
Débruit's genre swerving approach to making music has always been unrestricted and on 'From the Horizon' he has deliberately created truly original pieces with unique combinations of instrumentation and style, in such a way that they feel natural, expected and time honoured. For example on 'Afro-Booty Musique' where traditional drums form a booty Chicago house structure and combined with talk box and guitar, or on 'Mega Wagna' where funk leads and syncopated vocals are coupled with Gnawa music (a mixture of sub-Saharan African and Berber songs, where one phrase or a few lines are repeated over and over and songs can last for hours.) Such diverse combinations can be heard throughout the record as can the influence of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin whose advanced drum patterns are combined with Débruit's bump-hop beats and low-slung bounce. These African influenc

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