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David Boomah & Serum - Why They Wanna (v records)
David Boomah & Serum - Why They Wanna
David Boomah & Serum - Why They Wanna
David Boomah & Serum - Why They Wanna
12" U.K.
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Why They Wanna

David Boomah & Serum (v records)

VÖ-Datum: 10.04.2012

Musikstil: Drum & Bass

Artikelnummer: 1737113 / PLV020


There are only a few artists who can lay claim to legendary status within Drum and Bass / Jungle circles, but Paul Pesce aka Peshay is one such man. With a production history going back to 1993 Peshay has seen it all, been there and worn the t-shirt.
* With releases on Metalheadz, Good Looking Records and Reinforced to name as few, Peshay is also one of the few 90s D&B producers to find success with the majors on his 1999 Island Records album 'Miles From Home' - widely regarded as a landmark album within the genre.
* Peshay returns to V Records with two brand new tracks which demonstrate his versatility and skill as a producer as he delivers two very different, but equally timeless cuts.
* 'Solina' is a soaring feel good track, perfect to keep those summer vibes going all year long. Sublime atmospherics and light percussion gradually combine with layer on layer of strings, horns and tight snappy drums. These elements build and build until at its peak, the bass comes rolling home.
* 'How We Used To Live' is homage to the forgotten art of the epic D&B track. In an era when so many tracks are all about the impact of the drop, Peshay digs deep and gives a master class on how to craft an unforgettable intro, and then blend that with a club destroying drop. Complete with killer bass switches, vocal cuts, crazy drum solos and that all important funk, Peshay is back!

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