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Daniel Bortz - Bella Avgvsta, Pt. 3 (pastamusik)
Daniel Bortz - Bella Avgvsta, Pt. 3
Daniel Bortz - Bella Avgvsta, Pt. 3
Daniel Bortz - Bella Avgvsta, Pt. 3
12" Germany
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Bella Avgvsta, Pt. 3

Daniel Bortz (pastamusik)

VÖ-Datum: 13.10.2015

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1926847 / PAM21

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With his third release of the Bella Avgvsta series, Daniel Bortz shows that Augsburg offers more then its famous Puppet Theater. ~~~~The opener Don't forget your Sword provides crystal clear Techno, discreetly interrupted by accented fades of an exotic theme.With rolling Dub sequences, decent recurring swishes and a peacefull breaks Jump in the Water describes the impression to dive into the humid element. Lonely Soldier then provides more power again. The basic theme which is dominated by a minor tone displays an inner unrest created by the unknown that is daily lurking out there for us.~~The beautiful deep Dub-Track Hide from the Sun finally plays with the change of shimmering heat and chilly shadow. Who does not know the feeling on a hot Open-Air-Afternoon to take an occasional time-out from the merciless burning sun.~~~~Overall this is the most personal and deeply emotional release and as we think a worthy highlight and conclusion for the Bella Avgvsta series.~~

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