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Dan HabarNam - From The Known (exit recordings)
Dan HabarNam - From The Known
Dan HabarNam - From The Known
Dan HabarNam - From The Known
3 x LP U.K.
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From The Known

Dan HabarNam (exit recordings)

VÖ-Datum: 29.03.2012

Musikstil: Breakbeat

Artikelnummer: 1767739 / EXITLP008

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Real name Dan Griober, Dan HabarNam has been active since the '90s, doing production for Romanian pop artists while also working on his own projects. His solo catalog is pretty slim, with just a few appearances on drum & bass labels like Santorin and Subtle Audio, but From the Known is clearly the work of an experienced artist: though loosely anchored in techno, ambient and bass music, it's stylistically open-ended, and produced with an audiophile's attention to detail. According to the label, Groiber's meticulousness extended to the mastering process as well (the CD, for instance, was recorded direct from the vinyl to achieve that special analog feel)

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