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CUBENX - Grass (Douglas Greed / Telefon Tel Aviv) (infine)
CUBENX - Grass (Douglas Greed / Telefon Tel Aviv)
CUBENX - Grass (Douglas Greed / Telefon Tel Aviv)
CUBENX - Grass (Douglas Greed / Telefon Tel Aviv)
12" Belgium
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Grass (Douglas Greed / Telefon Tel Aviv)

CUBENX (infine)

VÖ-Datum: 25.06.2012

Musikstil: Downbeat

Artikelnummer: 1779545 / IF2041


I remember being in the living room, fourteen years old, trying to learn how to play guitar, fed up with the power chords flooding rock and roll music. Then one day a friend makes me listen to the album "Victorialand" from Cocteau Twins. It was like discovering a whole new use to the instrument, a new texture and strumming. How the slow attacks combined with sevenths and ninths made each track wide open... as nwell as his dark filtered, distorted arpeggios. Robin Guthrie's sound saved me from the clichés of rock music and showed me that simple, elegant chords can make you trip.” CUBENX

A&R`s can move mountains sometimes. When Cesar Urbina heard that Cocteau Twins's mastermind Robin Guthrie was up to rework “Grass” and that remixes of Telefon Tel Aviv and Douglas Greed would complete the tracklisting of the single of “Grass”, there was another earthquake in Mexico.

Living in the South of France, Robin Guthrie discovered by a struck of luck the album of Cubenx, “On Your Own Again” after a lunch with InFiné's A&R, Alexandre Cazac. Cesar could not dream of any better tribute to his psychedelic pop Ballade than a cover of the Scottish “dream-pop” Shaman.

After the release of “KRL” last year on Freude am Tanzen, we were all expecting a new collaboration of Douglas Greed with InFiné. Cubenx and Douglas have in common a strong musical pop culture and profound liking for the shoegaze-permeated textures. Douglas put a spell on Cubenx's voice and slowdived the guitar of the original track.

Josh Eustis has revived lately Chicago's Telefon Tel Aviv with a remixes EP on Bpitch Control released in March 2011. Supporter of Cubenx`s LP, he offered to remix “Grass” spontaneously and delivered a version with no frills enlightened by celestial synth notes and androgynous verses.
“These Days” remix from post-dubstep mysterious combo Dowliners Sekt has been added to the tracklisting of the 12” version of the EP.

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