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Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Pyrex (Kyle Hall Remix) (Peach)
Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Pyrex (Kyle Hall Remix)
Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Pyrex (Kyle Hall Remix)
Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Pyrex (Kyle Hall Remix)
12" U.S.A.
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Vines / Pyrex (Kyle Hall Remix)

Cromie & Sage Caswell (Peach)

VÖ-Datum: 19.08.2013

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1831322 / PEACH001

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Crafting a blend of loose and irreverent house that looks to both Detroit funk and London rhythms, L.A. duo Cromie and Sage Caswell come out swinging on "Vines" / "Pyrex" (Peach001), their collaborative debut as well as the inaugural release for new Brooklyn label Peach. The pair's creative partnership began over a memorable smoke break at a club where they shared a rotating residency. A common love of the rude, swung percussion of UKG and UK funky, along with a fine appreciation for the vibe of deeper house sounds, got them in the studio together, resulting in the pair of tracks presented on Peach's debut release.~~~~Both “Vines” and “Pyrex” are aquatic summer jams, full of rich synth swathes and pads that stretch out over funky, syncopated percussion—the kind of feel-good terrace jams that conjure images of a summer with no end. Naturally, they're backed with extra heat from remixers curated by label head Tim Saputo (a.k.a. Rem Koolhaus, co-creator and resident of New York's internationally renowned TURRBOTAX® party). Detroit MPC don Kyle Hall infuses "Vines" with classic Motor City muscle and his signature effervescent haze, while South African Bacardi house producer DJ Spoko complements the song's airy synths with a serious tribal-house flex. On the flip, San Francisco's Ghosts on Tape adds a Balearic glimmer to his addictive, dancefloor-igniting remix of “Pyrex.”~~~~Saputo’s own love of textures, multiple layers of percussion and reverb is reflected in Peach’s lush and warm releases, which use deep, drum-heavy house as a jumping-off point while refusing to conform to a single tempo or style. ~~~~~~Feedback:~~~~~~Will Saul - Amazing EP sounds fresh as hell~~Dusky - Nice, Kyle Hall remix our fave~~Locked Groove - The kyle hall remix is the one that does the trick for me here. Thanks Supporting~~Claude Young - Love the Kyle Hall Remix of Vines!!! HOT!!!!~~Ripperton - Love the Kyle Hall remix thanx!~~Semtek - Pyrex (og) ad Vines (KMFH Remix) are my jams yo. N

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