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Cobra Man - New Driveway Soundtrack (Goner Records)
Cobra Man - New Driveway Soundtrack
Cobra Man - New Driveway Soundtrack
Cobra Man - New Driveway Soundtrack
12" U.K.
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New Driveway Soundtrack

Cobra Man (Goner Records)

VÖ-Datum: 08.09.2017

Musikstil: Pop

Artikelnummer: 1953086 / 142GONELP

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It starts with a foot tapping lightly...you close your eyes, dry ice fills the room, a disco ball slowly lowers and your heart starts racing. In that moment you are victorious. From the distance you can hear the sound of 14 skateboards gliding across the smooth tarmac. Each person with their own tale, their own track. This is the setting, Cobra Man is here to deliver their stories, welcome to the soundtrack to New Driveway.~~~~Rolling out of LA with wind in their hair and sweat in their synths, ready to set the skateparks on fire come Cobra Man's Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne. When the two crossed paths, their aim was to push their sound past the point of being comfortable. Instead of filtering out the ideas some people might consider cheesy or too catchy we wanted to own them and go with it' explains Andy We've carved out a little space for ourselves to embrace whatever fun stuff we want. There was a process between Sarah and I about choosing vibes and pacing, so in a sense the whole thing was written in different characters but under the umbrella of our personalities.'~~

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