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Clio - Do It Ep (carlo Lio Rmx) (metroline)
Clio - Do It Ep (carlo Lio Rmx)
Clio - Do It Ep (carlo Lio Rmx)
Clio - Do It Ep (carlo Lio Rmx)
12" Germany
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Do It Ep (carlo Lio Rmx)

Clio (metroline)

VÖ-Datum: 22.02.2012

Musikstil: Minimal-Tech

Artikelnummer: 1749170 / MLTD053

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The latest release on Metroline takes no prisoners. Clio brings it big. Every track on this EP is loaded, primed and ready to fire. Lead track Poem does “big” the George Clinton way. Basslines cranked to funk, tempo raised, and drum tracks set to attack. Sinister and sparse percussion gives Do It an entirely different feel. But under the tune’s brooding atmospherics is an equally powerful rhythm. Fired by a growling sub-bass that whoomps out of the speaker like a sonic weapon. Killer. Speaker-busting bass and pumping kicks are the order of the day on the flip. Carlo Lio’s remix of Do It thunders along. Built for dancefloor shock and awe, this track’s built like a tank - unstoppable and ready for combat. The massively in-demand Sasch BBC and Casper go intergalactic on their rework of Poem. This is the tune that plays in Hal 9000’s head. Epic, deep and serious, with a healthy dose of paranoia. Careful this one doesn’t tear a hole in your space station. Tracklisting: A1: Poem A2: Do It B1: Do It (Carlo Lio Remix) B2: Poem (Sasch BBC & Caspar Remix)

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