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CLIMBERS - 2 COME BACK (culprit)
12" U.K.
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CLIMBERS (culprit)

Release date: 01.08.2012

Music Style: House

Article No.: 1790199 / CP026

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Since their breakthrough debut EP on Culprit a mere 3 months ago, Climbers’ ascent has been the definition of meteoric. The young Mexican duo’s success is no mere lucky break or flash in the pan story, though – Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal have done it the right way, their tremendous artistic growth spurt coming as the inevitable result of ceaseless studio work coupled with the boys’ staunch adherence to their musical roots sprinkled with more than a touch of inspiration. ‘2 Come Back’ is the Climbers’ most accomplished song to date, that rare breakthrough moment when a production team’s developing signature elements come together in an exciting way, making for something special.

Much like Lee Curtiss’ ‘Candy’ and Subb-an’s ‘What I Do’ in 2011, this year’s Culprit “anthem” in-the-making is a quintessential mood-changer. A stand-alone gem of a single, ‘2 Come Back’ is deceptively languid, yet hugely propulsive, bristling with welldefined melodic elements, based around its incredibly memorable bassline hook. Its myriad of subtle synth melodies are exactly where they are meant to be, no notes or noises misplaced. Just when one is lulled into a sense of late-night mid-tempo bliss, a second hook – a vocal this time – adds a whole new layer of energy bringing the song to a deserved crescendo. No discerning floor has managed to resist the song’s primal appeal yet.

An altogether punchier and moodier rework by Crosstown Rebels new guns, Fur Coat comes in like a nighttime yin to Campbell's yang. Bringing the original's vocal hook to the front but putting their own robotic funk twist on it, Fur Coat exercise their easily identified style, that combines dark electronics with warmer elements. Already in the arsenal of Art Department and Damian Lazarus, this simmering remix neatly rounds out an impressively varied release.

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