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cari lekebush - rejuvenations pt.1 (slam rmx) (h productions)
cari lekebush - rejuvenations pt.1 (slam rmx)
cari lekebush - rejuvenations pt.1 (slam rmx)
cari lekebush - rejuvenations pt.1 (slam rmx)
12" U.K.
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rejuvenations pt.1 (slam rmx)

cari lekebush (h productions)

Release date: 04.05.2012

Music Style: Techno

Article No.: 1780042 / HPX62

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For the first installment of H-Productions Rejuvenation series, Cari Lekebusch has handpicked his favorite producers to rework four of the better-known titles from his catalogue. No strangers to unearthing past glories following the Soma 20th anniversary, Slam step up to add a weighty slice of techno heritage to the package, turning in a hypnotic journey of a mix to compliment the otherworldly vibes of the infamous 'Mad Poet'. On the flip of the first vinyl, fellow Hybrid, Nima Khak, takes on;Attitydknackaren; and delivers a brilliantly simple and hugely effective update that is sure to illuminate many after hour sets.

Next come a brace of mixes from recent collaborators with Lekebusch, as two of techno's brightest starts return the complement with modern interpretations of Cari classics. Joseph Capriati stamps his incendiary style on the Rastafarian chanting of Unite to create a punchy but subtle rework that pulses with intent as the vox refrain weaves in the mix while Alan Fitzpatrick gets ravey on the iconic 'Steady Motion', originally a limited edition EP for the Japanese market, as he brings his unmistakable heavy funk to the familiar gruff vocal hook.

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