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Caffeine - Birth of Ya EP (French Press Lounge)
Caffeine - Birth of Ya EP
Caffeine - Birth of Ya EP
Caffeine - Birth of Ya EP
12" U.K.
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Birth of Ya EP

Caffeine (French Press Lounge)

VÖ-Datum: 04.10.2017

Musikstil: Breakbeat

Artikelnummer: 1951846 / FPL003

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A seriously jittery slab of hardcore raver material, this is perhaps FPL's most robust roast yet: filtered thru the heady history of classic 90’s hardcore techno and peak time trance euphorias, Caffeine’s tracks showcase a viciously deft arrangement sensibility, utilizing a revolving door of precisely cut breaks, bubbly, effervescent pads and synth melodies, creamy sub-bass and loads of crispy vocal signifiers; imagine if the RZA had listened to lots of Orbital and early trance records and made this after Liquid Swords and you’re almost there.~~

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