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Break / Emperor - Condensor / Network (symmetry recordings)
Break / Emperor - Condensor / Network
Break / Emperor - Condensor / Network
Break / Emperor - Condensor / Network
12" U.K.
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Condensor / Network

Break / Emperor (symmetry recordings)

Release date: 27.06.2012

Music Style: Drum & Bass

Article No.: 1785301 / SYMM011

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It’s safe to say that as one of the most revered drum & bass producers putting 12”s out today, Break doesn’t know how to release
anything other than classic workmanship. And with the complex punch to the ears that is ‘Condensor’, the man behind Symmetry has
done it again. A cinematic intro sets a desolate scene before ‘Condensor’ tucks right in to Break’s typical percussive genius. Cycles
of face-scrunching complexity unwind alongside tribal, evocative vocals and bass stab caresses, with dark snatches tearing at your
aural capacities and ending so abruptly you’re left wondering what the fuck just happened.
As a new producer on the scene, Emperor is making a legend’s impression. The completely eccentric and sharp flip that is ‘Network’
has been getting select airings in Break’s DJ sets for a while now, and the track ID requests have been coming in stampedes. An
eccentric sample platter and a wave of whip-snapping, unpredictable break patterns roll along at a ricochet pace, showing depth and
production command at a truly tantalising level. ‘Network’ confidently slides across a deep and troubling soundscape with a flair that
is hard to forget, and it comes as little surprise to Symmetry that Emperor is already making waves on respected contemporaries
Critical with a remix of Enei’s ‘One Chance’.

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