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Basa Basa - Homowo (Vintage Voudou)
Basa Basa - Homowo
Basa Basa - Homowo
Basa Basa - Homowo
LP Germany
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Basa Basa (Vintage Voudou)

VÖ-Datum: 02.03.2018

Musikstil: Afro / Afrobeat

Artikelnummer: 1957644 / VV-001

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Reissue of this rare Nigerian/Ghana funk record. Incl. the jam African Soul Power which you might have heard getting spins in the clubs...Incl. a poster + extensive liner notes...~~Fela Kuti believed the identical twins of BASA BASA to possess magical powers, bringing luck and prosperity. Fela co-produced their first LP, and played on their second. But the wondrous powers of the Nyaku twins from Ghana reached their summit on their third album, which BASA BASA recorded with producer and multi-instrumentalist THEMBA T-FIRE' MATEBESE in Nigeria. This collaboration resulted in the bewitching HOMOWO album, which combines the earthy mood of the twins and the futuristic vision of Themba Matebese as well as the hot and sweaty afro disco sound of Lagos, where the album was recorded. From the blue title track HOMOWO to the afro disco floor burner AFRICAN~~SOUL POWER, the album makes a consistent listen. Amsterdam based DJ collective and vinyl shop VINTAGE VOUDOU makes the highly sought-after LP available again after almost four decades, working in close collaboration with the artists.

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