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Argy / Lee Van Dowski - Ethiopia's Rise / Bimbam (cadenza)
Argy / Lee Van Dowski - Ethiopia's Rise / Bimbam
Argy / Lee Van Dowski - Ethiopia's Rise / Bimbam
Argy / Lee Van Dowski - Ethiopia's Rise / Bimbam
12" Germany
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Ethiopia's Rise / Bimbam

Argy / Lee Van Dowski (cadenza)

VÖ-Datum: 30.06.2011

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1719829 / CADENZA64

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Making unstoppable waves within the electronic music world over the last few years, Greek artist Argy’s expertly produced and hypnotic productions are combined with an innate ability to create seductive and highly strung soundscapes during his DJ performances. An unmissable combination, it is with great pleasure that we welcome Argy for his Cadenza debut alongside Lee Van Dowski for the ‘Ethiopia’s Rise / Bimbam’ EP. Marching with shoulders back and head held high, Cadenza’s newest recruit treads calculatingly between the?streaming light shafts and echoing potholes of his latest creation - ‘Ethiopia’s Rise’. Coaxing us into the fury?of the night, its creatures play with hollow synth swoops, metallic sparks and snarling drums. A soundscape?that appears to have been created for wild imaginations and underground basements alike, it is fuelled with?mystical suspense and arrogant beats; the depths of Argy’s impeccable production skills on display for all to?see. Creeping ever forward with rhythmic allure, corners are turned, alley’s explored and shadows chased.?As the dust settles and the creatures retreat, ‘Ethiopia’s Rise’ and all its chaos descend into a hazy morning ?memory. Argy is tag teamed by Lee Van Dowski and ‘Bimbam’ on the other side. No stranger to the Cadenza outfit, Lee appeared alongside Luciano and Guy Gerber on the ‘Versus’ Ep in 2009. Here, his original and alternate versions of ‘Bimbam’ secure his seat as an artist we are proud to have onboard at Cadenza. ‘Bimbam’s’ scratchy shakers and dewy key arrangements are merely a teasing intro into the driving beats and bemusingly sexy vocal that follows. Riding high with percussive groove and driving force, a spiralling thread of funk on ‘Bimbam’ winds further and further, sparks flying ferociously as rhythmic determination pushes faster and harder. It’s impossible not to move to and makes the perfect partner for Van Dowski’s ‘Alternate’ ego on the B2. Flirting with heavy techno kicks and dark stabbing chord

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