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Terranova - So Strong (kompakt)
Terranova - So Strong
Terranova - So Strong
Terranova - So Strong
12" Germany
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So Strong

Terranova (kompakt)

VÖ-Datum: 13.12.2011

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1744388 / KOMPAKT246

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The man who‘s seen it all, that‘s TERRANOVA‘s Fetisch, but he had it coming. As Punk‘s earliest and certainly youngest adopter, he strolled through late 1970‘s Berlin, then moved to New York researching the first symptoms of Hip Hop, only to find himself being a many club‘s resident DJ in London at the end of the Eighties. Enters Terranova, shrouded in mystery from the very beginning, Fetisch‘s go-to project, that he originally conceived in 1996 to explore new club territory, and that has since built its very own cult following. KOMPAKT truly feels honored to be the new home to an artist with such a rich background in club culture, especially as Terranova‘s latest incarnation includes Berlin‘s house staple and boywonder &ME as well as guest singer Khan in his preferred role as the longest running hype in the history of underground awesomeness. Consequently, it is with great poise that the trio‘s latest 12“ „So Strong“ commands its army of listeners to the floor, not unlike Terranova‘s first outing on Kompakt, the confidently named „I Want To Go Out“. Both the title track and epic flipside „Boogie For The Dollar“ make up for a double headliner that takes you on a beguiling trip to the dark side of the club. No only do Terranova‘s sequencing and beat programming deliver in spades, the package also sports some of the best vocals Khan has churned out to date, featuring his trademark fusion of cool indifference and pure sleaze: „I give myself up to your splendor... so strong.“

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