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Stimming - Window Shopping Ep (diynamic)
Stimming - Window Shopping Ep
Stimming - Window Shopping Ep
Stimming - Window Shopping Ep
12" Germany
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Window Shopping Ep

Stimming (diynamic)

VÖ-Datum: 07.03.2012

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1749519 / DIYNAMIC056

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Diynamic virtuoso Stimming returns with a classic three-tracker, showcasing his skill and everlasting talent to surprise. Again and again he reveals that his name stands for quality and permanent transubstantiation. The opener, “Windowshopping", is a catchy, floating and harmonic groover introducing the springtime, slightly transporting it’s warm breeze directly onto your skin. Epic Moog-stabs, string-hits, shuffled shakers and electric vocals are telling the story about of a stranger who´s walking around a city-center during nighttime. On B1 Stimming comes along with an old and firm friend. South African Lazarusman, wellknown from Stimming’s “Funk With Me” or “Change", again demonstrates his unique talent to deal with words, explaining that it’s not Stimming but every listener himself which makes “The Song” come alive. “November Morning” is the slowest track Stimming ever released so far. It’s name is program. Weird violin-sounds, organic percussions and everlasting groove create a grey and moody vibe absorbing the listener.

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