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Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver - Twisted / Focus (metalheadz)
Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver - Twisted / Focus
Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver - Twisted / Focus
Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver - Twisted / Focus
12" U.K.
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Twisted / Focus

Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver (metalheadz)

Release date: 19.12.2011

Music Style: Drum & Bass

Article No.: 1748163 / METH097

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Anyone who knows even the smallest amount about the rich history of Goldie's Metalheadz label will know that its catalogue is full of defining moments, from the two-step simplicity of 'Pulp Fiction' to the all-encompassing rave review of 'Up All Night'. Snatches of musical ingenuity that stand apart from the milieu, leading the way with great innovations in style and substance, creating an innate sense of timelessness that lend each track an inimitable Headz feel.
* Continuing in that great tradition is Rido's new single 'Twisted'. With a background based in writing film scores, Rido knows exactly how to use music to draw out emotional reactions. 'Twisted' manages to walk the line of epic subtlety. Tense strings and sparse piano melodies provide an affecting backdrop over which New Zealand based artist Thomas Oliver's vocals drift beautifully.
* While the build up may be all beauty, there's something of the beast when it comes to the drop. Fans of Future Cut's 'Obsession' or Concord Dawn's 'Say Your Words' will undoubtedly identify with the aesthetic juxtaposition at play in this track. However, Rido's sense of subtlety comes into play once again as he infuses 'Twisted' with menacing bass combinations and expertly crafted 'Amen' and 'Boymerang' drum edits that never feel contrived or forced.
* Not releasing his grip on a sense of the epic, Rido offers up 'Core', another film score inspired track, for the AA side of this release. Gradually building and growing with an almost organic feel, this one slowly works its way into your consciousness before dropping into some eyes down D&B that will no doubt have the dance floor churning to its undulating bassline

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