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Rampa - So Many Everything (keine musik)
Rampa - So Many Everything
Rampa - So Many Everything
Rampa - So Many Everything
12" Germany
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So Many Everything

Rampa (keine musik)

VÖ-Datum: 19.04.2012

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1767972 / KM014D

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On face one of this new keinemusik, Rampa opens the doors for interpretation with headlining it “So Many”. What could it be about?~~About so many DJs placing this sureshot into the .must play'-regions of their record-wallets? About so many girls and boys losing it all~~when someone pumps this shit? Any way, this thing here is a serious peaktime-issue. Framed by shaker-obsession and South Bankatmosphere,~~this joint is going ways quite typical for Rampa. He's starting it up and calming it down, pushing the dynamics to utter~~ecstasy, but still letting its soul breathe subtly.~~An effective build-up, never letting go of elegance – that's a formula, you might come across on the flipside as well. It is a cut named~~“Everything”, quite possibly the secret A-side of this release. It starts off with Meggy moaning an affirmative “mmmhhmmm” into the~~first bar. She's following up with catchy and explicit lyrics, that will leave no pant unbonered. Those not less than explicitly spanking~~claps and the overall pumping sex appeal of this tune will then ultimately loosen all hormonal congestion a dancefloor could suffer~~from. If the descriptive trio “crazy, sexy, cool” wouldn't be occupied already, it now had found two new hymns to dance and do other~~nasty things to.

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So Many

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