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Optiv & BTK - Over The Edge EP (renegade hardware)
Optiv & BTK - Over The Edge EP
Optiv & BTK - Over The Edge EP
Optiv & BTK - Over The Edge EP
2 x 12" U.K.
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Over The Edge EP

Optiv & BTK (renegade hardware)

VÖ-Datum: 06.03.2012

Musikstil: Drum & Bass

Artikelnummer: 1749221 / HWARE019

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Kicking off our 2012 release schedule the affirmed pairing of Optiv & BTK make a welcome return to the label. Having sent serious waves across the scene over the last year with their no nonsense approach to writing straight up dance floor killers. The duo's impressive discography boasts recent releases on Virus, Dispatch, Frequency and of course Renegade Hardware. Taking the opportunity of the EP format to delve deeper into their evolving sonic soundscape to provide the listener with 4 razor sharp cuts of future d&b.
The title track "Over The Edge" provides the first heavy dose. Rolling funk breaks are punctuated with future funk vox while a twisted grunge reece bass injects an adrenaline shot straight into the cerebral cortex. Nausea inducing stuff from start to finish.
Meanwhile "End Run" continues to drill down into the subconscious. Triggering the synapse with a more stripped back formula. Keeping the drum framework sparse allows for a behemoth bassline to engulf all in its wake!
Darker shadows are then explored in the pair's fresh take on Kontrol's Essential Rewinds Classic: "Forcefield". This one's straight up and menacing. A peak time punisher not for the weak minded.
Rounding off the release "Insight" closes the EP perfectly. Inducing a hypnotic state with a haunting vocal and a sweeping bassline,which carries you deeper and deeper into a dream-state, Four simply essential sonic injections.

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