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NIKOLA GALA (rekids)

VÖ-Datum: 04.05.2012

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1779512 / REKIDS062

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Versatile producer Nikola Gala gets set to release monster club track 'Only' on the prestigious Rekids imprint. A cut of driving, razer sharp techno, the rib-rattling bass and Detroit-esque synths will no doubt slay the most discerning dancefloors. Throw in a Ryan Elliott remix and you have yourselves an essential package.~~~~Perfectly striking a balance between no-nonsense techno and high-octane house, original track 'Only' breathes a unique energy through earth shaking bass and powerful drums with rhythmic vocal snippets and vibrant synth stabs. The analogue textures building into an even bigger, vigorous drum groove, the vocal punctuates the tough framework with a lighter feminine touch. A classy banger, 'Only' is sure to keep the crowd in its grip from start to finish.~~~~The now Berlin based Detroit legend Ryan Elliott steps up for remix duty, dispensing a provocative builder with a deep, hypnotic quality, shimmering shakers and deep pools of atmosphere. An internationally renowned DJ, remixer and one half of Spectral Sound's A & R team, Ryan brings his undisputed world-class style to this Rekids release, teasing out the essence out of 'Only', stripping it back even further and bringing the dancefloor to its knees.~~~~Part of the exciting wave of Greek talents coming up in house and techno over the last decade, Nikola Gala is a prolific producer who has delivered his diverse sounds on an array of the undergrounds most discerning labels, including Ibadan Records, Freerange, Plastic City and of course Rekids, a label to which he's very proud to be attached. Inspired by the scene's many different levels and continually evolving as an artist, Nikola has been producing since 1995 and DJing since 2000. Now residing in Berlin, the city has had an impact on his sound but the ethos of Nikola's work remains the same: energetic music with an uplifting character and 'Only' on Rekids certainly hits the spot.

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Only (Ryan Elliott Remix)

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