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Marco Zenker - Blue Air EP (ilian tape)
Marco Zenker - Blue Air EP
Marco Zenker - Blue Air EP
Marco Zenker - Blue Air EP
12" Germany
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Blue Air EP

Marco Zenker (ilian tape)

Release date: 19.04.2011

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 1700566 / ILIAN008


Marco Zenker, the wonderboy from Munich is up and looking for freedom again with his second record on ilian tape. Invisible Shadows was discovered by ourselves on the last ilian tape warehouse party back last year. When we heard it the first time on a big system - even Marco himself - we were pretty surprised. It's building up slowly and leads into a very open space - the perfect track to give the night another direction. Remain silent after you heard that side and open your ears for the b side that sends us into a different sphere. Here we go down. You almost can call that cut a meditation hymne - it has the same vibe as Osho Ashram's back then hosted by F. Fuhlert. Finally we have a tripping remix from one of the hottest dutch guys at the moment - Conforce. Known for his releases on Meanwhile, Delsin or Rush Hour he shows once again why Holland is the Chicago of Europe. It's just free spirited, soulful and openminded. Qualities we are missing here more or less in Bavaria. So we are trying to open up and change things. The time will come. Kiss

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