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Jan Driver - Amt (boys noize)
Jan Driver - Amt
Jan Driver - Amt
Jan Driver - Amt
12" Germany
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Jan Driver (boys noize)

Release date: 03.08.2011

Music Style: Electro / Electronic

Article No.: 1727158 / BNR062

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BNR062: JAN DRIVER - AMT Jan Driver is back with a 5 track EP “AMT". After his much anticipated “Gain Reaction” EP and mixing behind Siriusmo’s album he started to work on a full lengh album over the last months and these 5 tracks give you taste of what will come at you later this year. A1 track “Dozer” a 3001 live version of Metallica ??? A2 “Raveyard” a techno bomb to bomb, “Let’s do it Together” a skit he did with his buddy Siriusmo, “Golden Super” a slow funky disco influenced, and last but not least “Amatilda” the title track of the forthcoming album, a modern uk noise track you have to love. Watch out for Jan Driver’s debut album “Amatilda” out in late August on Boysnoize Records.

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