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Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE (warp)
Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE
Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE
Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE
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Gonjasufi (warp)

VÖ-Datum: 30.01.2012

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1748942 / WARPLP223


A brand new mini-album from one the most charismatic figures on the Warp roster. Once again the most hip-hop mystic you will ever encounter brings us this brilliant 10 track release.

The album's downtempo strings, heartbreaking soul, reanimated hip-hop and crackling haunting vocal stylings are stitched as a running thread throughout each song like a patchwork quilt.

It's a lonely journey that will take you through the innermost thoughts of Gonjasufi's darkest hours. He recorded and mixed it on his own in his home studio surrounded by his family and the stark contrast of the Mojave desert. The end product is his outlet and realization for who he is, a way for him to feel comfortable in his own skin again.

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