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Callmekat - Where The River Turns Black (Questions And Answers)
Callmekat - Where The River Turns Black
Callmekat - Where The River Turns Black
Callmekat - Where The River Turns Black
2 x LP U.K.
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Where The River Turns Black

Callmekat (Questions And Answers)

VÖ-Datum: 20.11.2012

Musikstil: Electro Pop

Artikelnummer: 1767291 / QALP002

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“Where The River Turns Black” is the first international Album by Copenhagen Resident and Musician Katrine Ottosen aka Call me Kat. Call Me Kat are adorably intense and mesmerizing songs, an enchanting melancholic, almost translucent drift into this sonic world best described as alternative Pop, music that gives spoken word of the ever expanding danish music scene of now. Songs that adapt a fine line between organic Instrumentation and that very specific sound of her voice, which although completely it´s own tends to remind at times on other playful ladies in music like Bjørk, Feist oder Lykke Li. Earlier Works with reknown producers Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjørk, Mum, Sigur Rós etc.) or Joe Magistro (Prophet Omega) on the current Album have certainly had their share on this. It was in the snowy, icy winter of 2010 when Katrine Ottosen, the creative force behind the artist name, went to the Catskill Mountains north of New York City. Here just outside the town of Woodstock she teamed up with notable local-based musicians Joe Magistro (Prophet Omega) and Sara Lee (Gang Of Four, B52’s). They filled a car with old keyboards and amps and drove off to Applehead Studios. A beautiful wooden barn-turned-studio surrounded by grand nature and packed with precious recording gear, making it the perfect setting for capturing the songs for the anticipated, next album. Ein Setting perfect to record a “real” Album, live , intuitive, organic, direct, “Oldfashioned” in the best sense of the word. “I felt when embarking on recording this album that in this absorbing, crazy digital age, sometimes we need to taking the music back where it lives in the room first instead of constructing inside a plastic box” , Kat says. And you can hear that this is what gives “Wtrtb” a total own musical Identity, one is touched by this voice and absorbed by those melodies that get you right away. From the almost translucend opener “Somewhere", over the hauting chords of the titlesong, let alo

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