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Boris Divider - The Source (drivecom)
Boris Divider - The Source
Boris Divider - The Source
Boris Divider - The Source
2 x 12" Belgium
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The Source

Boris Divider (drivecom)

VÖ-Datum: 20.04.2012

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1779539 / DCOM013T

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After six years ago we had the first album, now Boris Divider presents the second one released from his own imprint Drivecom. With the name
of 'The Source' you can guess the primary artist wishes, cause the original source and first influences that comes from every artist are usually a curious point of interest. In this case, the result is translated into 10 tracks that in some way reflect part of the first B. Divider's influences, and trying to place a special tribute to them. Essential names such as John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel, Vangelis, or Tangerine Dream are a good example of inspiration and a fundamental legacy for the music and the science fiction movies, so you can imagine how this means for an electronic artist born in the 70s.
Apart of the retro flavour and the electronic ambient of the 70s and in the other hand the electro and synth pop of the 80s, part of this work was focused in the use of vintage electronic gear as a point in common with the past. Some of the devices for this production have been more than 20 years working and they specially have been running their role
for this album.
The album tracklist was planned like a non-stop story from the beginning to the end and the songs are balanced and complementing one to
each others, excepting a couple or three of the tracks from this album the rest of them were designed thinking about for the hearing pleasure
than the dancefloor. Also in the artist words '...an album is the perfect situation to reflect more than only dancefloor electronic music'. If you find out tracks were written and produced between years 2006 to 2011 then the way to collect the stuff for this album reminds to us the artist took all the time he needed to put the pieces in the right path.
In the other hand, you can see the production has a special design and format, and this issue was an important part of the process. For this
reason, this 2x12inch vinyl edition comes in a gatefold format including a special inner illustration.

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