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Artifact - Archaic Line (deadplate)
Artifact - Archaic Line
Artifact - Archaic Line
Artifact - Archaic Line
12" U.K.
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Archaic Line

Artifact (deadplate)

Release date: 09.02.2012

Music Style: Breakbeat

Article No.: 1748940 / DPL002O

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Artifact is the main moniker of Bristol's Ryan Bonfield; an exciting new producer that merges the hard hitting sounds of Dubstep with the swung rhythms of 2-Step. With support coming from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and Mosca, those familiar with Bristol's offerings to the UK dance scene will already be familiar with Artifact's music. If you’ve ever heard one of his dubs on a dance floor, you will have known – it’s hard not to take notice when they drop. The original tracks here are perfectly complimented by a remix of ‘Archaic Line’ by Oxford/London DJ and producer Graphics, bringing how own personal Techno / Dubstep influenced twist to the original.

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