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Shoshon - Orange Sunrise (Welovemusic)
Shoshon - Orange Sunrise
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Orange Sunrise

Shoshon (Welovemusic)

VÖ-Datum: 25.02.2012

Musikstil: Lounge / Easy Listening

Artikelnummer: 10037071


Orange Sunrise, New song release 2012. SHOSHONIs a Chill Out/Ambient/Dub Project around producer Thomas Tiefenbacher aka Tom Space, collaborating with interesting artist and musicians worldwide.Thomas Tiefenbacher- the wizard of sounds. Is a constantly touring musician , dj, and producer . He worked together with lots of musicians like producer Sander Kleinenberg(Madonna) , released albums in different styles from Punk Rock to Jazz and Electro.His project Shoshon will lead you inna peaceful and chilled vibe..Mastered at www.auratonestudios.de. Published at www.welovemusic.de Copyright 2012 Welovemusic Records

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Orange Sunrise


Shoshon - Orange Sunrise

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