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Frequently asked questions




Where are downloaded the files?

Please click on the button "Open download folder".
This will open the folder in which the files are stored.

The Musicloader does not start anymore. What can I do?

This can happen when you are updating your Java to Version 7 64 Bit and if you are still using version of the Musicloader.

Please uninstall the Musicloader completely, download the Musicloader and install it again.

The Musicloader does not load anything, why?

The Musicloader needs access to the internet to check your account for available downloads and to download the tracks to your computer.

Please ensure that internet access is not prohibited for the Musicloader by a firewall.

What is Java and where can I get it?

Java is a commonly used programming language which allows creating programs for several operating systems.
For example the most popular office suite Open Office is a Java program.
Most operating system have it by default and the user has nothing to care about.
To check if you have Java installed and download it if neccessary, visit this link:

Get Java