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Frequently asked questions




How can I pay py debit advice?

Payment by debit advice is only possible with a German bank account and if you placed already more than 4 orders.

To pay by debit advice plase download the form in the account management (payment) and bring it yto yourt bank to fill it in. Please send us the filled in form by post.

As soon as the form arrives we will activate your account for payment by debit advice.

I am a reseller. Do you have specail reseller offers?

Yes. You can vistit our reseller department at: http://vinyl-distribution.com

payment of customs duty

You have to pay customes.
We must declare the worth of parcels that are sent to countries outside of the EU on a duty form.
The customs officers can open parcels without us knowing. We don't have any influence on that.

We also can not predict the amount of fees that have to be payed as the fees vary from country to country.

We kindly ask you to respect your local custom laws.

What do you have on stock?

The availability of an article is merked with different colors.
If you click on one of these symbols you will get an overview of all symbols.

Is the availability information reliable?

Yes. The availability information is directly connected to our stock. in 99.99% of all cases you can rely on this information

How does the wishlist work?

Your account offers the function of a personal whishlist.

In this list you can store all articles you plan to buy or that you would like to buy.

Articles you bought will be removed from your wishlist automatically.

To put an article on the whishlist, simply go to the detail page of an article.

There you see a notepad symbol on the right. If you click it the article will be added to your whishlist.

Where can I find the most up to date news?

On the right side of the shop you can see the Quickfinder. With the help of this tool you can find the most recent articles.

The Musicloader does not start anymore. What can I do?

This can happen when you are updating your Java to Version 7 64 Bit and if you are still using version of the Musicloader.

Please uninstall the Musicloader completely, download the Musicloader and install it again.

I only got a ZIP file when I purchased a music download! Where are my files?

The ZIP file contains all your purchased mp3 files.
ZIP files contain and compress several other files.
To open and extract a ZIP file you need a small, free program like WinZip for example.
Many modern operation systems like Windows XP or Mac OS X can already open and extract ZIP files without the help of other programs.

How do I know if an article is on stock?

You will find a status information to every article. This status is displayed with a colored field. Please click on one of these fileds to open a popup window with an explanaition for each color.