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Frequently asked questions




My parcel was sent yesterday. When does it arrive

We can not tell exactly. Deliveries wihin Germany usually take 1-2 days.

How often can I download my tracks

You can download every track two times within six month after the purchase date.

Which countries do you serve?

In principle the whole world.

How do I know if an article is on stock?

You will find a status information to every article. This status is displayed with a colored field. Please click on one of these fileds to open a popup window with an explanaition for each color.

I am a reseller. Do you have specail reseller offers?

Yes. You can vistit our reseller department at: http://vinyl-distribution.com

What can I do with my mp3-files, which DRM (digital rights management) methods do you use?

Our iles are free of any DRM Copy Right Control.
You can use them as you wish, but of course you must attend to the copy right laws.
Our files have a analog watermark in which your name, email address and further information on the download and payment process are stored. In case that one of our files occures in a peer-to-peer network for example, we can find out who is the person who violated the copyright laws.

Adding articles to my order

If you place an order all articles will be added to your backorders.
As soon as we create a parcel for you all articles will be added to this parcel.

By using the delivery settings you can control when we we send you a parcel.

Detail View

Every articles has it's own page at www.djshop.de which displays alle available information on the article.

Additionally there are some extras like reviews and recommendations.

payment of customs duty

You have to pay customes.
We must declare the worth of parcels that are sent to countries outside of the EU on a duty form.
The customs officers can open parcels without us knowing. We don't have any influence on that.

We also can not predict the amount of fees that have to be payed as the fees vary from country to country.

We kindly ask you to respect your local custom laws.

How do I redeem a free download code?

To redeem a free download code, please add your song to the shopping cart. In the column " Free download code " you can enter your vaild Free Download Code. Please click on the symbol to activate the free download code. The price will then set to 0.00 €.

The following points must be considered:

- you must be registered and logged-in.

- You must reach the value of minimum 0,01 €.

- you can redeem per day and per person only one 1) Download Free Code.

- The code must be valid and must not be passed in time.

- The code must be spelled exactly right.

- Each code can only be used once.

Free download codes will unfortunately not be credited manually. Similarly, a manual re-creation or reactivation of Free Download Codes unfortunately technically not possible.