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Frequently asked questions




I've ordered articles that were not on stock. When will they arrive?

We can not give a binding information on that as we ourself do not get this information from our suppliers.

I placed an order but did not receive a confirmation email. What went wrong?

If you did not receive a confirmation email but saw the message that the order was completed successfully there is something wrong with your email address, mostly. Please chack your backorders the next day. If your ordered articles do not appear in your backorders, please contact us by phone or email.

What are backorders?

After an order all ordered articles are kept in your backorders until they are shipped to you.
With the help of your "my account" page you can check your backorder list and see if new articles arrived.

How often can I download my tracks

You can download every track two times within six month after the purchase date.

Detail View

Every articles has it's own page at www.djshop.de which displays alle available information on the article.

Additionally there are some extras like reviews and recommendations.

When will I receive my articles?

That depends on the delivery option you chose.
If you chose direct delivery, we will send you the article as soon as the arrive. Beside direct delivery you can chosse delivery at a special date or when a certain value of available backorders has been reached.

What is Java and where can I get it?

Java is a commonly used programming language which allows creating programs for several operating systems.
For example the most popular office suite Open Office is a Java program.
Most operating system have it by default and the user has nothing to care about.
To check if you have Java installed and download it if neccessary, visit this link:

Get Java

Some available articles in my backorders suddenly disappeared.

This happens when suppliers gave us faulty information on the supply delieveries.
We are sorry for that but we are powerless ourself.

What do you have on stock?

The availability of an article is merked with different colors.
If you click on one of these symbols you will get an overview of all symbols.

Did you receive my order?

After every successfull order you will receive a confirmation by email. If you did receive this email you can be sure that we received and processed your order.

If you did not receive this email, please check if the email address which is entered in your account is valid and working and if the email was caught by a SPAM filter.

Additionally every order which has not been processed, yet, is displayed in your backorder list.