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Frequently asked questions




How much is the delivery?

You can query all shipping costs when you click Information => Shipping costs.
Please choose the country to which the parcels will be sent.

I am a reseller. Do you have specail reseller offers?

Yes. You can vistit our reseller department at: http://vinyl-distribution.com

What is myList? How does it work?

With this function you can create article lists that only display articles you are interested in.

If you are only interested in Techno releases on vinyl, simply create a myList with the criteria Vinyl and Techno.

How can I listen to the sound samples?

With a modern browser our preview samples work without any further plugins like Adobe Flash etc.

As not every browser supports this though we still recommend installiing the latest Adobe Flash Player:

Adobe Flash Player herunterladen

Our previews are also working with mobile systems like iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Why was my review deleted?

Our review system has filters to avoid the follwoing types of reviews:

- Reviews which contain porn, defamation or * wing extremist content.

- Mass reviews of one user

- self-praise of a producer or artist.

How does payment by C.O.D. work?

In the Account management you can choose which way you want to pay.
If you wanto to pay by C.O.D. please choose C.O.D.

Payment by C.O.D. means that you pay the articles cash when they arrive at the delivery man. This has the disadvantage that you must be at home and should have the amount suited as the delivery man hardly have change.

We must raise higher fees for payment by C.O.D. as the delivery companies raise higher transportation fees, too.

Can I preorder articles

Yes, articles thet are not released, yet can be preordered and will be delivered as soon as they are released.

Where is the myList function?

The myList function is in your account management.

My account is locked, why?

This can have several reasons.
Please contact our sales team.

payment of customs duty

You have to pay customes.
We must declare the worth of parcels that are sent to countries outside of the EU on a duty form.
The customs officers can open parcels without us knowing. We don't have any influence on that.

We also can not predict the amount of fees that have to be payed as the fees vary from country to country.

We kindly ask you to respect your local custom laws.