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Frequently asked questions




Why was my review deleted?

Our review system has filters to avoid the follwoing types of reviews:

- Reviews which contain porn, defamation or * wing extremist content.

- Mass reviews of one user

- self-praise of a producer or artist.

My backorder list is empty.

Articles that are shipped to you will disappear from your backorders.

Ordered articles are kept in your backorder list for 90 days. After this period of time the article is deleted as it is unlikely that it will arrive. If you want you can re-order this article.

Which countries do you serve?

In principle the whole world.

How do I know if an article is on stock?

You will find a status information to every article. This status is displayed with a colored field. Please click on one of these fileds to open a popup window with an explanaition for each color.

How can I listen to the sound samples?

With a modern browser our preview samples work without any further plugins like Adobe Flash etc.

As not every browser supports this though we still recommend installiing the latest Adobe Flash Player:

Adobe Flash Player herunterladen

Our previews are also working with mobile systems like iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Is the availability information reliable?

Yes. The availability information is directly connected to our stock. in 99.99% of all cases you can rely on this information

Where is my parcel?

You will receive a email as soon as we handed your parcel over to the mail-order firm. In this email you find a link to query the status of your shipment.

Can I delete a order or my backorders?

No, unfortunately you can't. Our staff can do this for you if your articles are not on their way already.

You can either do this by phone or in your backorder list.

I can not access my backorders and invoices.

To access your backorders and invoics a customer number you must have been assigned a customer number.

You can see if you were assigned a customer number when you open your "my account" page.

Usually it takes 2-3 days after your first order until you are assigned a customer number.

Why do you need a copy of my Credit Card and ID card?

Due to legal- and security reasons this is sometimes neccessary.