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Frequently asked questions




Is the availability information reliable?

Yes. The availability information is directly connected to our stock. in 99.99% of all cases you can rely on this information

How often can I download my tracks

You can download every track two times within six month after the purchase date.

How do I know if an article is on stock?

You will find a status information to every article. This status is displayed with a colored field. Please click on one of these fileds to open a popup window with an explanaition for each color.

How can I edit the criterias of my myLists?

myLists can not be edited. If you want to modify the criterias of your list simply create a new one.

How can I pay py debit advice?

Payment by debit advice is only possible with a German bank account and if you placed already more than 4 orders.

To pay by debit advice plase download the form in the account management (payment) and bring it yto yourt bank to fill it in. Please send us the filled in form by post.

As soon as the form arrives we will activate your account for payment by debit advice.

Adding articles to my order

If you place an order all articles will be added to your backorders.
As soon as we create a parcel for you all articles will be added to this parcel.

By using the delivery settings you can control when we we send you a parcel.

Which logistic companies do you work with?

We cooperate with:
- Deutsche Post / DHL

You can choose you desired company youself when you place an order.

Some available articles in my backorders suddenly disappeared.

This happens when suppliers gave us faulty information on the supply delieveries.
We are sorry for that but we are powerless ourself.

I want you to pay back my credit, what must I do?

Of course we will willingly transfer your Credit back to you:

You can choose between two options:

1. Re-Payment to your PayPal account.

The transfer of your Credit back to your PayPal account is for free.
Please enter the email address of your PayPal account in the form at your Credit management and we will start the transfer immediately.

As the transfer is done manually, it can take up to several hours until the transfer is completed.

2. Transfer to your bank account

We willingly transfer your Credfit to your bank account.
Transfers to banks in countries outside of the European Union can cause bank fees which you will be charged by your bank.

How much is the delivery?

You can query all shipping costs when you click Information => Shipping costs.
Please choose the country to which the parcels will be sent.