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Frequently asked questions




Why do you need a copy of my Credit Card and ID card?

Due to legal- and security reasons this is sometimes neccessary.

How do I pay by credit card?

In the Account management you can choose which way you want to pay.
If you wanto to pay by Credit Card please choose Credit Card and click on the link to enter your Credit Card data. Without entering the Credit Card data you can not place any orders.

It is save to enter the Credit Card data as we use the highest available encryption techniques to protect your data from abuse. (128 bit SSL encryption).
If you still feel unsave to enter your data in the internet you can still give us a call on tell us the data on the phone.

How do I know if an article is on stock?

You will find a status information to every article. This status is displayed with a colored field. Please click on one of these fileds to open a popup window with an explanaition for each color.

My backorder list is empty.

Articles that are shipped to you will disappear from your backorders.

Ordered articles are kept in your backorder list for 90 days. After this period of time the article is deleted as it is unlikely that it will arrive. If you want you can re-order this article.

The Musicloader does not load anything, why?

The Musicloader needs access to the internet to check your account for available downloads and to download the tracks to your computer.

Please ensure that internet access is not prohibited for the Musicloader by a firewall.

Why was my review deleted?

Our review system has filters to avoid the follwoing types of reviews:

- Reviews which contain porn, defamation or * wing extremist content.

- Mass reviews of one user

- self-praise of a producer or artist.

I forgot my login data.

The shop can send you your login data to the email address.

How can I pay py debit advice?

Payment by debit advice is only possible with a German bank account and if you placed already more than 4 orders.

To pay by debit advice plase download the form in the account management (payment) and bring it yto yourt bank to fill it in. Please send us the filled in form by post.

As soon as the form arrives we will activate your account for payment by debit advice.

Where can I find the most up to date news?

On the right side of the shop you can see the Quickfinder. With the help of this tool you can find the most recent articles.

What can I do with my mp3-files, which DRM (digital rights management) methods do you use?

Our iles are free of any DRM Copy Right Control.
You can use them as you wish, but of course you must attend to the copy right laws.
Our files have a analog watermark in which your name, email address and further information on the download and payment process are stored. In case that one of our files occures in a peer-to-peer network for example, we can find out who is the person who violated the copyright laws.