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Frequently asked questions




Why do you need a copy of my Credit Card and ID card?

Due to legal- and security reasons this is sometimes neccessary.

How can I edit the criterias of my myLists?

myLists can not be edited. If you want to modify the criterias of your list simply create a new one.

I forgot my login data.

The shop can send you your login data to the email address.

payment of customs duty

You have to pay customes.
We must declare the worth of parcels that are sent to countries outside of the EU on a duty form.
The customs officers can open parcels without us knowing. We don't have any influence on that.

We also can not predict the amount of fees that have to be payed as the fees vary from country to country.

We kindly ask you to respect your local custom laws.

What is myList? How does it work?

With this function you can create article lists that only display articles you are interested in.

If you are only interested in Techno releases on vinyl, simply create a myList with the criteria Vinyl and Techno.

Which countries do you serve?

In principle the whole world.

The Musicloader does not load anything, why?

The Musicloader needs access to the internet to check your account for available downloads and to download the tracks to your computer.

Please ensure that internet access is not prohibited for the Musicloader by a firewall.

My email address has changed, must I register again?

No, just go to the account management and change you email address.

Can I preorder articles

Yes, articles thet are not released, yet can be preordered and will be delivered as soon as they are released.

When will I receive my articles?

That depends on the delivery option you chose.
If you chose direct delivery, we will send you the article as soon as the arrive. Beside direct delivery you can chosse delivery at a special date or when a certain value of available backorders has been reached.