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Frequently asked questions




I can not access my backorders and invoices.

To access your backorders and invoics a customer number you must have been assigned a customer number.

You can see if you were assigned a customer number when you open your "my account" page.

Usually it takes 2-3 days after your first order until you are assigned a customer number.

What do you have on stock?

The availability of an article is merked with different colors.
If you click on one of these symbols you will get an overview of all symbols.

What are backorders?

After an order all ordered articles are kept in your backorders until they are shipped to you.
With the help of your "my account" page you can check your backorder list and see if new articles arrived.

how can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

If you click on "Newscenter" you can see all offered newsletters.
To subscribe or unsubscribe simply enter your email address in the appropriate field and click submit.
If you can not unsubscribe you presumably try to unsubscribe a email address which is not subscribed and you are subscribed with an alias addresses which points to your email address.
Please contact your support if you need help.

I want you to pay back my credit, what must I do?

Of course we will willingly transfer your Credit back to you:

You can choose between two options:

1. Re-Payment to your PayPal account.

The transfer of your Credit back to your PayPal account is for free.
Please enter the email address of your PayPal account in the form at your Credit management and we will start the transfer immediately.

As the transfer is done manually, it can take up to several hours until the transfer is completed.

2. Transfer to your bank account

We willingly transfer your Credfit to your bank account.
Transfers to banks in countries outside of the European Union can cause bank fees which you will be charged by your bank.

When was my parcel sent?

An automatic delivery notification is sent to you when we give your parcel to the mail-order firm.
Additionally you can have a look at your past invoices in your account management. Usually the parcel is shipped the same day the invoice has been created.

Why do you need a copy of my Credit Card and ID card?

Due to legal- and security reasons this is sometimes neccessary.

I found a really old article in your shop. Is there a chance that it will arrive?

We can't guarantee. Often even old articles are reproduced or old backstock quantities arrive. If you don't want to place an order for such an article you can register for our noncommittal mail service and you will be informed when this article arrives.

My backorder list is empty.

Articles that are shipped to you will disappear from your backorders.

Ordered articles are kept in your backorder list for 90 days. After this period of time the article is deleted as it is unlikely that it will arrive. If you want you can re-order this article.

How often can I download my tracks

You can download every track two times within six month after the purchase date.