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Topazz - Games Deluxe(Version A) (Ultrasonic)
Topazz - Games Deluxe(Version A)
Digital Download Album  

Games Deluxe(Version A)

Topazz (Ultrasonic)

VÖ-Datum: 24.12.2016

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 10116129


TOPAZZ is a musician (synth, piano, keys), producer, remixer and DJ. He is known for his dance, house and downbeat releases since 1998. Started with very black music oriented house tracks over the years he developed his style to a more electronic dance music oriented one, influenced by several music styles.Since 1997 TOPAZZ played countless gigs from private festivities to corporate events. Parallel with his live gigs TOPAZZ released many downbeat and house tracks. Such as THE NEW MILLENIUM, PARTY 4 EVERYBODY (1999), the downbeat EP A SUMMER'S RAIN / DIE MACHT DER NACHT (2013, a collabo with the german musician and producer Tom Cloverfield) and his first newer dance track BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (May 2016, a collaboration with the Berlin-based electronic project Synaeste).

Tracks auf diesem Album




Games Deluxe (Radio Edit)


Topazz - Games Deluxe (Radio Edit)

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Games Deluxe (Extended Radio Edit)


Topazz - Games Deluxe (Extended Radio Edit)

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