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Shinedoe - Excessive (Intacto)
Shinedoe - Excessive
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Shinedoe (Intacto)

VÖ-Datum: 25.06.2012

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 8030001307


Get ready for some 'Excessive' dance action with our 42nd release featuring Intacto’s co-founder Shinedoe with Gregor Tresher's point of view on the flip. Shinedoe’s unique vision of electronic dance music, combined with her talent, dynamism and pioneering spirit have acted as a springboard, propelling her to the forefront of house and techno global club scenes. From her first single ‘Dillema’ [100% Pure] - that became Ibiza’s 2004 summer anthem - this release is a follow up on her latest and impressive ‘Transcendental’ EP, on Get Physical Music. Shinedoe is internationally recognised for her personal fusion of sounds and genres to create warm funky grooves. EXCESSIVE: With the title inspired by the infectiously exaggerated bassline, 'Excessive' runs thick on the groove leaving the House-feel vocal snippets to flourish over the freshness of the melodic chords. EXCESSIVE (GREGOR TRESHER REMIX): Gregor Tresher aspires to create what another producer once sagely called "music that makes you dance and cry at the same time." Breaking through as a producer under his own name with his 2005 releases Still and Neon, his remix of Sven Väth's "Komm," and his contribution to Cocoon's Compilation F – we’re happy to welcome his take on Excessive, with its stripped-down pulsating sense of purpose that's pure dancefloor.Alex Tepper: Nice one Shinedoe! Both mixes will work for me.. Great release. ThnxJoris Voorn: Lovely original and remix!!Dubfire: bomb tracks , thanksWehbba: original is a beast! the remix also very good! love this oneMihai Popoviciu: i like both, nice stuff!Anja Schneider: Like The Original. Support !Paco Osuna: nice one as always shinedoe :)Alex Costa: Always quality stuff from this cool label ! Will play Gregor rmx on my set !Laurent Garnier: Funky as hell -- will playMauro Picotto: big release here, great mixes, will play it lot Gregor Tresher :-)

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Excessive (Original Mix)


Shinedoe - Excessive (Original Mix)

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Excessive (Gregor Tresher Remix)


Shinedoe - Excessive (Gregor Tresher Remix)

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