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Sakyas Secrets - Story of the Soul (Hidra Beats)
Sakyas Secrets - Story of the Soul
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Story of the Soul

Sakyas Secrets (Hidra Beats)

VÖ-Datum: 04.03.2014

Musikstil: Psy-Trance / Goa

Artikelnummer: 10070027


Hidra Beats is proud to release its 3rd EP by ??kyas Secrets, titled Story of the Soul.Young and talented DJ/Producer Mihajlo Stojiljkovic AKA ??kyas Secrets and SkaZzaK started his career as young independent artist in 2009.Early in his life, he was raised in punk and psychedelic music, learning and understanding it right from birth. In young age, he started singing in a punk band called Ajvar, but when lead guitarist died he stopped performing live music.Now he is back to the roots and is producing and DJing darkpsy and goa trance, because he found great influence through Kindzadza and TOI DOI.2012 and 2013 were the kickstart for his career as independent and local DJ. He started his way to the big world performing through Europe and further. Mihajlo has also various other projects in different genres of EDM music ranging from Ambient and Downtempo, to Techno and Psytrance as Kaotic Techno and Sakyas Secrets respectively.SkaZzAK is now performing under D-A-R-K Records label moving himself to the next level and next generation of psytrance scene, so as D-A-R-K Records ambient label, Nod3 Series as ??kyas Secrets and with Hidra Beats as Kaotic Techno.

Tracks auf diesem Album



Sakyas Secrets

Secret Mantra


Sakyas Secrets - Secret Mantra

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Sakyas Secrets

Om Nammah Shivaya


Sakyas Secrets - Om Nammah Shivaya

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