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Joris Voorn - Dusty House | Room 6 (Rejected)
Joris Voorn - Dusty House | Room 6
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Dusty House | Room 6

Joris Voorn (Rejected)

Release date: 28.05.2012

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 8030001273


Ahhh we remember it well... The summer of 2009. Each and every year theres one record thats universally tagged as the 'Soundtrack of the Summer'. These, more often than not, party anthems have their seed steadily sown. From the producer to his close group of friends. A fizz of excitement. Then the lucky 'Tastemakers,' who play it each and every set. The buzz grows as the track soon takes hold of every dancefloor in every party destination. Whilst the timescale of this exciting air of mystery and suspense has shortened over the years, each year there will always be that one track that defines the summer party season. Some seasons debate may rage over the awarding of the title, but in 2009 there was never any question… That summer saw the first release from Rejected's 'Dusty House' series as label chief Joris Voorn dropped 'Room 1', a two tracker that was set to not only become the biggest club release of the year, but one that also instigated a filtered house revival. Whilst 'Empty Trash" occupied the unenviable B Side and garnered great support, it was the lead cut "Sweep The Floor" that really stole the show and set the scene alight. The cheeky filtered stabbing number with its huge party-starting drops became the DJ's 'go to' record and even found itself soundtracking feature trailers on BBC Radio 1. With other artists commandeering the rooms of Rejected's Dusty House, including fellow label owner Edwin Oosterwal, its been a while since the label boss Voorn has been in residence. Now he's back and ready to drop his next brace of hits. "Spank The Maid" finds the Dutchman in a mischievous mood as he builds and drops with an organ riff and cut up vocal. On the flip Joris brings the 80's hollywood synths and rattling snares to create yet another essential club cut.FEEDBACKKarotte : I will Spank The Maid too!! 2 great Dusty House tracks again from Joris.Secret Cinema : Another Nr 1 hit for Joris.... but who is that maid anyway??Jesse Rose : Spank The Maid is perfect for the big rooms! Shouts to Joris!Davide Squillace – “Good strong stuff from Joris… as usual… Will play where I can.”Brodinski – “Super good as usual!! LOVE the vibe!! Goodbye Fly getting my love. Xxx”Gregor Tresher – “The summer must be very near as Joris drops his anthems for the 2012. Goodbye Fly is spot on!!!Luca Bacchetti : Two brand new floor killers from Joris!!!!!!!!!!!Riva Starr : Goodbye Fly is the one that rocks for me, driving and straight to the point.Marc Romboy : Quality house music, equal to JV! Nuff said Satoshi Tomiie – “Party Tunes no more, no less. Good tools!!”Lauhaus – “PARTYTIME!! Strong stuff yet again from Joris. Goodbye Fly my fav.Michel de Hey – “Respect to the Jimmy bo horn and congrats Joris!! ”Wally Lopez – “Huge dancefloor killers!!! Support for both tracks here!”Lee Burridge – “Oh what fun the B Side is!!! Goodbye Fly, yes please.”Ramon Tapia – “Bombs bombs and more BOMBS from Joris!!”Thomas Schumacher – “Goodbye Fly is the big one for me, love the drive and energy!”Layo : Spank The Maid is rocking, what can you say?? Always... Sébastien Léger : B:O:M:B:S! Thanx Joris!! DJ Remy : I like (to) Spank the Maid! Strong track.Mihalis Safras : This label never fails me. A nice quality groover once again.Dosem : Goodbye Fly .. wow yeah, BOMB! Love those pads, I'm sold man. Thanks for the promo.jozif : Good loopy peak time business : perfect for my late sets. Will defo play Spank The Maid this weekend at Renaissance.Mark Fanciulli : Awesome release from Joris, looking forward to playing these this weekend!Danny Howells : Love the filtered groove of Spank The Maid… Joris does this so well. Will support of course!DJ Mo:tech : At last............ I was waiting for Spank The Maid for 3 years, love it!!Martin Eyerer – “Yet another rejected release that I love!! All work from Joris is dope, so I will be playing on my radioshow!”M A N I K – “Cool big room stuff here from the Rejected camp. Will throw this in my play list for those nights. Cheers.”Rocky – (X:Press 2) – “Not as instant as previous tracks, but good none the less. Spank The Maid will get plays!”Sirena : Another great release! Funky dance floor killers! Seen Joris dropping these during his gigs and works great! Will definitely play!Jose Maria Ramon : (Ibiza Global Radio) : Woow! Mamma mia! Impresive tracks!this is really what i love, amazing and groovy, a big pleasure to support it.Steve Parry : (Juice FM UK) : Ooooooooooooooooooooooooowh. i said ooooooooooooooooooooooooowh. Both of these tick every box!Jan : (Dance Dept/Radio 538 Holland) : AWESOME RELEASE!Tom Breu – (WDR 1LIVE Germany) – Big big big.. love the uplifting vibe of Goodbye Fly.. my fave so far!”Jean Louis : (Ibiza:voice) : To be reviewed.Artem Yellow : (DJ Magazine Ukraine) : Summer never ends Thanks guys. Cool release.Wollion – (Faze Magazine Germany) : Great one! Playing Spank The Maid.Lukas – (Earmilk) – “Without a doubt Goodbye Fly will be a festival smasher this summer.”Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Amazing dancefloor smasher as usual!”

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Joris Voorn

Spank The Maid (Original)


Joris Voorn - Spank The Maid (Original)

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Joris Voorn

Goodbye Fly (Original)


Joris Voorn - Goodbye Fly (Original)

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