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Itchy Robot - Walk The Plank/East Oakland (Familytree Records)
Itchy Robot - Walk The Plank/East Oakland
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Walk The Plank/East Oakland

Itchy Robot (Familytree Records)

Release date: 22.03.2012

Music Style: Dubstep

Article No.: 5000003275


Family Tree Records burst into 2012 with their 3rd release, ever keeping at the forefront of what's fresh in electronic music, Dubstep heavyweights Itchy Robot, Skeeze & Megalodon step up to the plate. Kicking things off is‘Walk The Plank’ by Itchy Robot & Skeeze, on a different tip from the norm for the Afterdark collective troupers is a track filled 0with fruity glitch melodies, crisp beats, rib shaking subs and skanking vibes. Packing a serious punch on the dancefloor while retaining originality and quirkiness is sure to gain this a lot support and attention from both DJ’s and critics. On the flip LA & San Fran duo Megalodon bring another stand out track in the form of 'East Oakland' drawing influences from Hip Hop, Dubstep and Grime, chewing them up and spitting them back out in the shape of this 140 bpm club banger, capable of fitting into sets spanning across the full bass music spectrum. Oozing infectiousness, this rounds off another seriously refreshing and bar raising release for the label.

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Itchy Robot

Walk the Plank


Itchy Robot - Walk the Plank

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East Oakland


Megalodon - East Oakland

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